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January 11, 2003
Collected material available now!
All "Eating in America"-material has been made available for download. Please check out the results of our hard work and get back to us with your comments and thoughts!

January 8, 2003
New material online shortly
Within a few days you can expect all available data we have gathered in the course of our project. So far, everything has been double-checked for errors, and all that is left to do is making the components of EIA ready for online use. We'll see each other in the close future, then! :)

October 15, 2002
Essay completed
After a lot of complementary studies and intense writing our "Eating in America"-Essay has been handed in to David Hintz, our supervisor at Dresden University of Technology. As soon as we get green light concerning spelling errors and grammar, we will start publishing the first pieces of our report.

November 17, 2001
Eating in America Essay close to completion
Right now we are working hard to complete our final evaluating essay. The essay will contain all interesting results of our query. Due to the extensiveness of our project we would like to publish the outcome piece by piece on our website. We will inform you as soon as we are ready to start issuing the first pieces of information. Stay with us, it's going to be interesting fun! :)

Mai 17, 2001
Our Website has been promoted at the guide for American food.
Have a look at our link section for further details!
(Update Oct. 15, 2002: due to financial problems, the service portal had to shut down.)

April 16, 2001
New link concerning nutrition guidelines for Americans added

December 5, 2000
Evaluating essay added to the journal section

October 22, 2000
Questionnaires shifted to another server
Now that our questionnaires are not located on Geocities' server anymore the bug with the run time error caused by their pop-up window is resolved. Additionally the questionnaire paragraph was restructured.

October 6, 2000
Questionnaires deactivated
It is almost done. Many friendly visitors have answered our questionnaire and now it is on us to count and analyze the results. However, it is still possible to have a look at both the English and the German questionnaire and to read some of the interesting comments our viewers sent to us.

September 23, 2000
Gallery extended
More pictures of interesting events on our trip have been added.

September 21, 2000
Gallery updated
Have a look at some New York pictures taken by Andrew.

July 27, 2000
Kansas, Oklahoma
While at the airport in Kansas City we used the opportunity to upload our new adventures.

July 23, 2000
Share an American Dinner with us!
The new update we did "on the road" features some real good Midwestern American food.
Don't miss out on this one!

July 20, 2000
"On the road" is open!
We finally did it and after some trouble at those big American airports we arrived in Kansas City. Enjoy watching the first pictures as we encountered some really good American food!

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